Weather warning

Yellow weather warnings in place after dozens of care home residents were rescued from flooding across northern England.
Torrential rain and melting snow will make for a “volatile situation” in parts of northern England, as some councils prepare for evacuations.
More flood warnings and alerts in force in England on Sunday than on any other day on record.
Coastguards have warned Britons to keep their distance from the waves as yellow weather warnings come into force.
Road and rail links have been severely disrupted by the heavy rainfall.
A yellow weather warning has been triggered, with strong winds of up to 70mph expected.
A yellow weather warning has been issued and nine flood warnings are in place.
Met Office releases yellow weather warning from Friday, while parts of Scotland could see first snow of the season.
A yellow weather warning is in place for south-west England and parts of south Wales, and some areas have been warned of short-term power cuts.
Commuters to be hit particularly hard as 29 flood warnings have been issued and travel services are affected.