Women In Media

73-year-old Judy Chicago broke down boundaries by pioneering the feminist art movement of the 70s, and is exhibiting in the
What? Did Twitter just pull the account relating to one of the UK's most exciting happenings for professional women this week because some whiny guy didn't like the idea of women getting equal air time?
It's been more than 100 years since Emmeline Pankhurst rushed parliament, demanding that women get the vote. Now, her great
I'm lucky enough to have grown up in a world where I have experienced very little sexism. Because of this I can vividly remember my first brush with sexism when I was about eight and I was told I wasn't allowed to go to the school football club - because it was for the boys.
Jeez, you can tell this lady's on her period. Fictional CEO of Bodyform, Caroline Williams, has responded to a Facebook rant
The No More Page 3 campaign has so far attracted thousands of signatures, and now it has inspired some poetry, too. The project
Alarming figures released on Thursday show hospital admissions for eating disorders rose by 16% from last year to 2,288. Perhaps
I have heard several arguments about the rights of women to choose careers as glamour models, but even this, whilst a valid argument for the existence of top-shelf publications, does not begin to address the issue of whether these sexually objectifying images should appear in our most-read family newspaper. It is not an argument for Page 3.
Swedish furniture giant IKEA have made a public apology for removing images of women from their Saudia Arabia catalogue. The