Women's World Cup

The US Women's national team arrived home following their World Cup. Returning to a heroes’ welcome, the team were dubious about accepting a possible invitation by President Donald Trump for a celebratory visit to the White House, though Senator Chuck Schumer has invited the team to Capitol Hill.
The prize for the 2018 Men’s World Cup stood at $400 million (£319m), while female players will receive $30 million (£24m) this year.
From record-breaking views to increased sponsorship, the women's game is finally getting the recognition it deserves.
Players like Megan Rapinoe have spoken out – and fans are joining the chorus.
Ditch the fake tan envy, hollow relationships and narcissistic culture promoted by Love Island, for a far more beautiful game, Karen Dobres writes
The Lionesses are through to the Women's World Cup semi final, after beating Norway in Le Havre on Thursday. The team will play whichever team wins the USA v France match on Friday. Festival-goers at Glastonbury cheered the team on to their win, as Twitter fans couldn’t help but start dreaming about a World Cup trophy coming home.
"In 10 days it will be better," the England Lionesses manager joked.