The stresses and strains of family life push 40% of parents with children under five to "breaking point", according to a
The phone-hacking scandal has "corroded" trust in the media and only 38% of people believe what they read in newspapers, a
Most Brits think the law should be changed to make squatting a criminal offence, according to a recent nationally representative survey of 1718 adults conducted online by YouGov.
Almost half of students are worried that personal information posted online could affect their future careers, a survey suggests
Right from the off, even Ed Miliband's own supporters were referring to him as the "nasal policy wonk". Once in power, he
Britons are now struggling in a trust vortex - they no longer rely on the people that are meant to be accountable, transparent and reliable to tell the truth. They are living in a post-trust era.
A quarter of young people think they will not be able to find a job, according to figures released on Tuesday. The survey's
Higher education (HE), especially here in England, seems to be experiencing unprecedented attention, scrutiny and debate at the moment.
Yes, we as a country have issues to confront that we'd perhaps rather not, but in the face of querulous calls to the contrary, we need to tackle societal problems community by community.
In the public square, a YouGov-Cambridge survey of British voters in mid-July indicated there is roughly as much opposition (37%) as support (36%) for the UK government's intervention in Libya.