I know my vote, and I know that my role in the process is just as important as anyone else's. But are you willing to let someone else have a say in your future? Whether you vote in or out is no longer relevant. However, it is the decision not to make your voice heard that will, as Keira Knightley says, f*ck your future.
The Huffington Post UK's live EU debate was arguably won by the energetic and engaged audience. Dozens of questions were
Read more on The Huffington Post A young voter told the high-profile panel of a live EU referendum debate that being saddled
We cannot waste our chance. We cannot wake up on June 24th to a broken Europe. We must stand united against the racist rhetoric and lack of alternatives the 'Leave' campaign poses. We must vote YES to remain in a united, peaceful Europe.
Hollywood star Keira Knightley has launched an attention-grabbing plea for young voters to cast their ballots in next week's
A youth-driven Brexit could play the initial role in dismantling the EU, and without this disintegration any hope for social progress may become much more distant. For the sake of the youth, you only live once: vote for exit! Or as I should say, YOLOEXIT.
'Men in suits aren’t going to appeal to young people.'