She said she couldn't trust parliament's flawed 'pairing' system.
It seems that Brexiteers, and the Prime Minister herself, have form on objecting to the implementation of referendum results
As a whip, Gareth Johnson's job had been to persuade others to back the PM's plan.
If what we have done sets us off on a road to ruin and isolation, our children will never forgive us
Exclusive: If she digs in, parliament would "instruct" her to change course, HuffPost UK has been told.
Theresa May has urged MPs to respect the Brexit vote by supporting her deal as she moves into what will be one of the most crucial weeks for the outcome of the referendum. The EU sent assurances to the PM on Monday morning over the Irish border and said they’d work rapidly once an agreement has been reached. The PM has less than two days to convince parliament to move forward with her Brexit deal as they vote on Tuesday on the withdrawal agreement.
PM was to say the 1997 'Yes' vote was "never seriously" questioned – but she and other Tories tried to overturn it.
But PM warns Commons not to vote down her deal on Tuesday.
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