29/08/2014 18:35 BST | Updated 29/08/2014 19:59 BST

MP George Galloway Beaten Up In Notting Hill By A Man Shouting About The Holocaust

British Member of Parliament George Galloway gives an interview to a television station, as anti-war protesters demonstrate outside the Iraq Inquiry, as former British Prime Minster Tony Blair gives evidence, London , Friday, Jan. 29, 2010. Blair acknowledged Friday that Saddam Hussein didn't become a bigger threat after Sept. 11, but said his perception of the risk posed by terrorists acquiring weapons of mass destruction was dramatically changed by the attacks. (AP Photo/Alastair Grant)

George Galloway was roughed up in West London’s upmarket Notting Hill on Friday evening, leaving the controversial Respect MP badly bruised. The assault took place on Golborne Road, where Galloway was posing for pictures. A man reportedly made a comment about the Holocaust before attacking the Bradford West MP.

Police arrested a man at the scene. Galloway made a statement at the local police before being taken to St Mary's Hospital in Paddington where he is expected to spend the night.

A Respect spokesman said “this guy just attacked him, leapt on him and started punching him,” adding, "It appears to be connected with his comments about Israel because the guy was shouting about the Holocaust." It is not know if the attacker had any political affiliation. "George is badly bruised but OK. He has bruising to his head and face and is in a pretty bad shape," the spokesman said.


The Metropolitan Police confirmed that Galloway had been attacked. A statement read: "Police were called at approximately 1940 hours this evening to Golborne Road, W10, after a man was assaulted in the street. Officers attended. The suspect was found a short time later and stopped. He was arrested on suspicion of ABH and taken to the south London police station where he remains."

In 2008 Mr Galloway was pelted with a rubber stress ball as he was campaigning in an open-top bus in London. The firebrand politician received medical treatment but was not taken to hospital. A man was arrested and cautioned by police over the incident.

Reaction on Twitter to news of the beating was mixed:

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