04/06/2015 21:45 BST | Updated 05/06/2015 00:59 BST

Barack Obama's 'Rugrats' Picture Is A Very Relaxed White House Tweet

The 44th President of the United States posts some impressive tweets. Whereas most politicians use the social network to talk about transport projects, academic awards or the size of their penis, Barack Obama is playing a much stronger game.

Thursday evening's offering showed the Commander-in-Chief on all fours in the Oval Office peering at a baby, the post entitled “Rugrats.” It wasn't quite the hug with the wife after the 2012 election, the third most retweeted tweet of all time, but it still garnered plenty of reaction on the social network.

With less than two years left in office (allied to Hillary Clinton drawing all the flak from the conservative right), Obama has entered what he recently described as the “bucket” phase of his presidency. Or the “buck it” phase. Meaning the “f*ck it” phase.

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