John Oliver's 'Last Week' Paris Attacks Rant Turns The Air Red, White And Blue

John Oliver has embarked upon a profanity-laden rant towards the perpetrators of the terrorist attacks in Paris which left at least 132 people dead, saying simply: "F*ck you."

Oliver used the opening to his satirical news programme 'Last Week Tonight' to lambast the gunmen who launched the near-simultaneous attacks on Friday evening.

Pointing out that the facts of the situation were still emerging, Oliver claimed one thing was known: "This attack was carried out by gigantic f**king arseholes," he said.

And the comedian gave his thoughts on the chances of the so-called Islamic State successfully defeating the French way of life.

"It is important to remember that nothing about what these areseholes are trying to do is going to work, and I'll tell you why: If you're in a war of culture and lifestyle with France - good f*cking luck," he said.

Watch Oliver's two-minute rant above.


  • 132 dead, French prosecutor says, with 352 injured, 99 critically
  • Locations targeted in suicide bombings and shootings
  • 89 slain at Bataclan concert theatre after hostage situation
  • Restaurants, football stadium attacked in night of horror
  • Police leave cancelled and around 1,500 soldiers mobilised
  • French border controls increased, state of emergency declared
  • Seven extremists in three teams carried out attacks, all killed
  • Manhunt under way for accomplices, arrests made in Brussels after police raids
  • David Cameron chairs meeting of Government Cobra committee

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