Westboro Baptist Church Member Lee Ann Phelps Thinks Donald Trump Is Too 'Fringe'

Donald Trump is infamous for his outrageously extreme views - but when even the Westboro Baptist Church is describing him as “fringe”, you have to wonder what’s going on.

Lee Ann Phelps, who is married to the youngest son of late Westboro Baptist founder Fred Phelps Sr, told The Daily Caller why she would not be voting for Trump.

Protesting outside the caucus site in downtown Wichita, Kansas, she said: “He’s sort of fringe.”

You know you're in trouble when the Westboro Baptist Church thinks you're 'fringe'

This from a woman holding a sign which read “Wicked Leaders Are A Curse From God” and accompanied by her young son, who held an “America is Doomed” sign.

Another Church member held a placard reading “God H8s Fags”.

The registered Democract, however, added that she did not consider Trump’s views on gay marriage too “fringe”.

One of the Westboro Baptist Church's previous protests

The property mogul opposes legalising gay marriage at federal level.

Phelps did not express a preference for either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders in the upcoming vote.

The Westboro Baptist Church rose to infamy for picketing events such as the funerals of US soldiers while holding abusive signs and chanting homophobic slogans.

It has, however, been less active since its founder died in 2014.