Adam Driver

The actor unwrapped the "shiny and beautiful" treat in a hilariously suggestive sketch.
The "Ferrari" actor dropped his requests for Kris Kringle as he got behind the piano to read off his Christmas list.
The two-time Oscar nominee shut down criticism of his latest movie Ferrari – and pulled zero punches in the process.
"It wasn’t long before 'The Cat That Looks Like Adam Driver' had become a viral phenomenon. But before the whole world fell in love with the big-eared lookalike, I already had."
"They are stealing the identity of a family to make a profit."
The actor has revealed he feels his character was "pushed to the side" in later films, compared to his white co-stars.
The Golden Globe nominee is said to have left the studio when a clip from the Netflix drama was played.
The final instalment in the trilogy is apparently not to everyone's tastes, even though many have showered it with praise.
It's expected he'll perform tracks from his new album, 'Yandhi'.