Alexander Armstrong

‘Pointless’ host Richard Osman has admitted he doesn’t think Alexander Armstrong would quit if he were ever to leave the
Quiz show ‘Pointless’ can be full of surprises, and the show’s host was among those left stunned on Wednesday (16 March) when
It’s been quite a week for ‘Pointless’ host Alexander Armstrong.  Not only did he get to try Richard Osman’s job for size
Even Richard himself found the whole thing rather unsettling to watch:  ‘Pointless’ hosts Alexander Armstrong and Richard
‘Pointless’ fans can breathe a sigh of relief – their favourite quiz show isn’t going anywhere, according to one of its hosts
The episode will see the return of previous memorable contestants.
‘Pointless’ bosses have announced plans to make a huge change to the show for its 100th episode, revealing that hosts Alexander
He has presented 'Pointless' since 2009.
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Alexander Armstrong has admitted that he accidentally offended Mary Berry when she was a guest on the celebrity edition of
Is there no end to Alexander Armstrong’s talents? ‘Pointless’ presenter, comedian, actor - and now recording artist. A classical
'Danger Mouse' will sound - and look -slightly different when the rodent hero returns to our TV screens next year. 'Pointless
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Bill Bailey has landed a role in the Doctor Who Christmas special. The comic and sci-fi buff, who is