anne-marie trevelyan

Offer was reportedly revoked because the cost to the taxpayer would be “too great”.
“Yes I am sort of amazed to find myself here this morning given my reported work ethic," the minister said.
Anne-Marie Trevelyan said the former MP declared she must "want him" because he was a "powerful man."
International trade secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan said she was against the move, which is backed by Boris Johnson.
Anne-Marie Trevelyan said he should be “focusing on the important matters today that only a prime minister can focus on" instead.
MPs' safety has come under renewed attention following the killing of David Amess on Friday.
The prime minister is currently in New York for climate change talks with the UN.
Ex-cabinet minister Anne-Marie Trevelyan tells HuffPost UK press conferences should be reinstated to give the public "a sense of the continuity of the problem".
It's possible to be a proud European nation without belonging to the EU's institutions – in 2019 we are going to show how