Anthony Fauci

New rules mean vaccinated people can forgo face coverings and social distancing, even indoors.
“When you’re at that level, there is the risk of getting a surge back up," warned the nation’s top infectious disease expert.
Jenny Harries, England’s deputy chief medical officer, has hinted face mask rules may change in summer 2021.
The term refers to people who avoid dating those who don’t take the coronavirus seriously.
The infectious disease specialist admits being concerned when he visited the White House, which he described as "sort of a super-spreader location.”
US health experts say two masks are better than one – but it does depend on the masks used.
The top US medical expert Anthony Fauci described the Trump White House as a "surrealistic experience".
Trump suggested disinfectant "by injection" as a potential coronavirus treatment.
The country's top infectious diseases expert threw shade on the Trump administration in remarks at a White House briefing on Thursday.
He hasn't called out Donald Trump's misinformation about the coronavirus, but he has criticised advice from the nation's top infectious disease expert.