An ad's been banned for suggesting cleaning the home is uniquely a woman's duty. Eye roll.
The ad is the third most complained about of all time, says the Advertising Standards Authority.
One of the companies, SkinnyJab Ltd, came under fire for a post on Instagram by Gemma Collins.
The Rebel Whopper was launched during Veganuary – but wasn't suitable for vegetarians or vegans.
The local newspaper ad was judged as offensive for "associating immigrants with disease".
Public Health England has not recommend the use of face masks as a means of protection from coronavirus.
A spokesperson for the clothing brand argued that both adverts encourage "female empowerment".
In the ad, a woman poses in chaps-style knickers with neon lights between her legs.
The ad, which showed a man leaning his head against a wall, featured the strapline: "Life insurance to die for."
The fast food chain insisted "cluck” was an onomatopoeic reference to a chicken.