Asylum seeker

Labour peer and former child refugee tells HuffPost UK the home secretary's plans are "driven by politics, not by a wish to have a sensible policy".
Home secretary’s proposals branded “a stain on 'global Britain'”.
These people fled to the UK for safety. Coronavirus has left them living in poverty and unable to work.
An inspection of Napier Barracks in Folkestone and Penally Camp in Wales found residents "depressed" and "hopeless".
Home secretary blames the 197 confirmed cases on people "not following the rules".
More than 10,000 people have signed a petition demanding the site, along with a similar facility in Wales, is shut down.
Residents, including a new mother who has Covid, say they were told to stop calling for help in the freezing weather as they were "overloading" phone lines.
Three in four people seeking asylum have been left in limbo for more than half a year, forced to live on £5.66 a day.
The migrant crisis isn’t classic scary thriller material, but British director Remi Weekes reveals how real-life terrors are often far scarier than anything imagined.
Four members of a Kurdish-Iranian family have died and their 15-month-old baby is still missing.