Asylum seeker

The home secretary was skewered by a fellow Tory MP during an awkward exchange.
Suella Braverman's predecessor dropped her in hot water over her management of asylum seekers.
"I don’t like the way we’re dealing with it. I don’t like the rhetoric," Stuart Rose told BBC Question Time.
A total of 13,016 people have crossed the Channel on small boats since the controversial asylum policy was unveiled.
“If it’s happening in the home office, in the same corridor I’m in, they haven’t told me about it."
Around 16,000 people have been evacuated from Afghanistan but for some the journey of resettling in the UK came with its own challenges.
Labour peer and former child refugee tells HuffPost UK the home secretary's plans are "driven by politics, not by a wish to have a sensible policy".
Home secretary’s proposals branded “a stain on 'global Britain'”.
These people fled to the UK for safety. Coronavirus has left them living in poverty and unable to work.
An inspection of Napier Barracks in Folkestone and Penally Camp in Wales found residents "depressed" and "hopeless".