asylum seekers

Yew Fook Sam was threatened with deportation after a judge found his claim he was gay 'incredible'.
A group of women in Sydney demonstrated in front of the Saudi consulate to show their support for Saudi teen Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun who is seeking refuge in Australia after fleeing her family.
Rahaf Mohammed has been taken in the care of the UNHCR after being allowed to leave Bangkok airport. The 18-year-old, who is fleeing her family, had barricaded herself in an airport hotel room to avoid being sent back to the Middle East by the Thai authorities.
Whether it’s crossing the Mediterranean, the Sahara, or getting into a dinghy to cross the Channel, the decision to leave the place you call home is never taken lightly
A group of families who have been living on an RAF base in Cyprus for 20 years have finally been granted British residency. Britain had initially refused the refugees asylum on the basis that the Refugee Convention does not extend to the military bases.
For over a month, a church in the Netherlands has been running a 24/7 church service, to prevent an Armenian family from being deported. The Tamrazyan family have been given refuge inside the church on a residential street in the Hague. As long as they stay there, the service continues to keep them safe from the immigration authorities. They've been living in the Netherlands for nearly nine years.
We must protest the detention centre, which has locked up a huge number of survivors, and those fleeing persecution
People in this situation feel worthless, useless and depressed. There are teachers, managers, engineers and doctors wanting to give back to the country that has protected them
The group were in an inflatable dingy which was half full of water.
We are witnessing a heartbreaking dearth of kindness