Bacon is now the second biggest contributor of salt to the UK diet after bread, according to a study. Two rashers of bacon
It's big, it's beefy and it's very, very, bad for you. Behold the "monster burger". Containing more than three pounds of
Yesterday, there was the hot dog crust pizza. Today, it's Burger King's new bacon sundae. Spotted in a branch in Nashville
Vegetarians look away now: it’s the bacon tree, a yuletide sprig made with over 2000 rashers of greasy pork product. The
Freshly baked bread, newly washed sheets and bacon are among the favourite smells of Britons, according to a new study. A
For six days of the week I'll just scoff a breakfast bar or two in the mornings. I don't really class them as a proper breakfast
According to reports today, Germany is finally waking up to the sizzling sound of the Great British Fry Up (GBFU). We're talking the full monty, people. A pair of battery farmed fried eggs, rashers of watery back bacon, greasy bulked-out pork sausages, runny baked beans, spongey mushrooms and half a grilled tomato that's always too undercooked to eat.