Meg Rivers Home Baking is an excellent baking cookbook for beginners all the way up.
You’d think with the amount of sugar, icing and cream that goes into them, you’d be hard-pressed to find a cake you didn’t
Thar she goes: An iced Zeppelin doubles up as a perfect wedding cake The rise of Steampunk has seen goggle specs, Victorian
It's been a little while since I did a foodie blog and as today I've been somewhat of a domestic goddess I thought I'd put
Tea With Bea - Bea Vo / Bea's of Bloomsbury Ryland Peters and Small - 2011 Photography: Kate Whitaker I spent six years living
Tiler and Amanda Oakleaf, take a bow. After all, you've made many, many, many nerds very pleased today thanks to your lifesize
One of the Faroe Islands is called Lítla Dímun. As well as being a sub-editor's nightmare, it's also capable of transforming
Manuela cooks, photographs, styles (she is very good stylist) and posts an article for baking every day, no mean feat by itself, often in her favourite colour, pink. She also has five children. She is keen to point out that it is not just about cupcakes.
For the last month or so, life has been pretty frenetic; work has been cranking up again as the world and his wife comes
In early 2011 a mum of two from Leicester was knee deep in nappies and night feeds for her second son when she decided to