Bashar al-Assad

The events in Syria could well influence the power dynamics of the Middle East for years to come.
Ryad Alsous had to leave his 500 beehives behind when he fled Syria over fears for his safety as civil war descended under the hand of President Assad. Now, relocated in Huddersfield, Ryad has been able to gain a new lease of life with a beehive gifted to him and is now giving to refugees a token of hope by teaching them to have their own beehives, building the colonies of Britain’s black bees.
Once again, President Putin is a big fan of a controversial Trump decision.
The party is 'looking into' Chris Williamson's comments.
'We have decided that the museum is not an appropriate venue for this event'.
Critics claim the academics are ignoring the crimes of Assad's regime; they say they are "truth-seeking".
Solidarity should be with Assad's people and not the state institutions of Syria itself