BBC Radio 1

Greg James will take over as breakfast show host later this year.
Exclusive: BBC bosses are looking to better reflect their new responsibilities.
His figures are up 800,000 on the previous quarter.
We reckon Maya is set for a seriously succesful 2018.
The 80s was a wonderful era for music, as we played a real mix of musical genres, something missing in current radio. From the Jam to Iron Maiden, Madness to the Ramones, Shakin' Stevens to Erasure or Duran Duran to Wham, we played all genres of music. If it was good, it was good, simple as that. We were broadcasting not narrowcasting.
I can't imagine a time without Radio One. I've been a listener for as long as I can remember. It's always been number one in our house. Always the station of choice in my Mum & Dad's car, and always on preset button '1' of every radio we had in the house. My home was always alive with music and Radio One was my favourite DJ.
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'Man who failed to get elected to Parliament 7 times but has been on Question Time 28 times has a hissy fit at BBC impartiality.'