I can't pinpoint when my love affair with biscuits started but my workplace is very well versed in the tea and biscuits department and I could often chomp my way into double figures without even noticing.
Biscuit crisis getting you down? Fear not, because biscuit warriors from Dubai have come to the rescue.  Two Boeing 777s
The manufacturer behind tea-time favourite Jammie Dodgers has announced it has changed the recipe for the jam-filled treats
The UK is in the midst of a national biscuit shortage - and it could last until April. Britain's biggest biscuit factory
Far from being two unrelated news stories, the Tunnock's saga is the other side of the coin to the migrant crisis. At a time when our nations have shown themselves to be less welcoming and more insular than we might have hoped, convinced that we share an identity with each other and willing to demonize and reject those of other nations, we need also to ask what role apparently innocent symbolism, from Tea Cakes to the Bake Off, plays in the construction of this unwelcoming attitude.
Another week has come again, bringing with it plenty of baking-related drama on the second episode of the Great British Bake
This taste of Summer is wrapped up in this biscuit - why not treat your guests to scrumptious biscuits with a subtle floral flavour just in time for Summer. (And when no one is looking, why not try dipping them in tea as well!)
The shortbread recipe I use is from Adam Stokes on It makes light, buttery biscuits that are soft in the middle with a short snap. I've taken the vanilla and cinnamon from the original recipe and instead use jam to make my own dodgers.
Brace yourselves for this. Thanks to lovely people at McVitie's, you can now pay for tea and biscuits... with hugs. The biscuit