Brussels Attacks

Despite being born and raised in England, I no longer identify as British. It feels unsettling to say so, and I should add that I still hold a UK passport and have a deep affection for my country of origin. However, having having spent almost a third of my life living in France and Belgium, and learned a second language, I now see myself as European.
'There is no information to suggest an attack in the UK was being planned.'
Five people from Birmingham have been arrested as part of an international anti-terror inquiry in the wake of the Paris and
Claims 'Prevent' programme risks making Muslims more, not less, radical
Tory cuts mean that Britain’s emergency services may not be able to deal with a Brussels-style terror attack in cities other
Dramatic new footage of "the man in white", seen after the Brussels Airport suicide bombings that killed 16 people, has been
Don't expect Muslim to explain what happened in Brussels any better than non-Muslims; but that does not mean that Muslims can wash our hands of trying to find solutions to stop people from misusing our God to cause carnage.
We can't let terror win - the common refrain in the aftermath of the now all too frequent terror attacks. But ISIS is already winning. There's no shame in admitting because the terrorists have effectively rigged the game, in two important and connected ways.
Having witnessed the aftermath of the London bombings firsthand outside a stricken King's Cross station on July 7, 2005, I certainly understand that fear.
About Brussels Attacks
Latest news on the Brussels attacks of March 2016.