budget 2018

Just a week after the Budget, Labour says it's a "fresh insult" to cuts-hit schools.
'I've had no discussions with the Treasury on the matter'.
Yvette Cooper, David Lammy and Jess Phillips were among the rebels.
Caroline Lucas and Greenpeace CEO among signatories savaging "generation of politicians who will not live to see the devastation their policies wreak".
As a former teacher, I know the reality many schools are facing - this patronising investment makes a mockery of claims austerity is at an end
Former Brexit secretary also warns Universal Credit will need more money.
Analysis says changes 'overwhelmingly benefit the rich'.
Not enough money is being set aside for those that need it most. People with disabilities, people with illnesses, families with children – people who for all the many combinations of reasons cannot work
We need radical changes to the ways public services of all kinds relate to people with mental health difficulties