He chose to use inflammatory language that would ensure a strong reaction
Surprisingly, however, I’m in support of banning the burka
'It's not so funny for the Muslim women who’ve experienced the backlash'.
'He should not apologise for telling the truth.'
Of all the great challenges Europe faces today, from security to climate change, who would've thought banning the burqa or bukini would dominate our public conversations?
Most people cannot comprehend the magnitude of telling someone to remove a religious article of clothing. The burka is not just a piece of cloth. It is a part of an identity. Worn with the understanding of the creed and for the love of religion. There is a spiritual and emotional connection. By having a ban implemented, it will create further barriers preventing the interaction between the wider social group and stigmatising the minority.
More than half of the British public would support banning people from wearing a burka, a YouGov poll has found. A total