Camp Bestival

Even though I'm glad to have experienced the unique vibe that is Glastonbury's own, I can't say I envy this year's crowd at all if it remains this warm - even if Radiohead are playing. I'll settle for The Levellers this year. After all, there's something wonderfully ironic being in a big crowd with us all singing 'There's only one way of life/And that's your own.'
'Kids always think what their parents do is naff.'
Fatboy Slim a.k.a Norman Cook might be known for his award-winning DJ skills in the music industry, but to his 15-year-old
Your summer festival = sorted.
The festival experience becomes slightly different once you have a family, as having the kids around increases the potential
To infinity (well, Dorset) and beyond.
One of the best parts about going to Camp Bestival as a family, is that you are a fancy dress dream team ready to go.  The
via GIPHY 9. Take that extra blanket, even if it is mid-July. Trust us, someone always gets cold.   via GIPHY HuffPost UK