Meanwhile, Heat magazine’s Boyd Hilton jumped to Clare Blading’s defence, tweeting: “We’ve interviewed Clare Balding load
Susanna Reid managed to sidestep a question about whether she and Piers Morgan were paid the same wage during a segment on
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Clare is one of our most popular TV and radio presenters.
Clare Balding believes that being childless “gives her an extra five free hours every day”, compared with her friends who
With the Olympics, every single sporting event was filmed by the host broadcaster and was available for audiences to watch. With the Paralympics, it has been a completely different story. There are currently no television cameras being used at all to record some sporting events including the rowing. As a result, Channel 4 resorted to sending their own camera crews out to the rowing venue so viewers in the UK could enjoy at least some sort of coverage. When a country can't even commit to providing cameras and live coverage of all sporting events, should they even be allowed to host the games?
It’s proving to be an historic year for women’s sport. So before our attention is completely swallowed up by the mounting
Clare Balding has become the highest paid female presenter on the box after raking in a whopping £1.2 million last year. READ
‘Wimbledon 2Day’ wasn’t exactly a huge success when it was launched by Clare Balding last week, however, it seems that the
It was a strangely subdued Clare Balding who returned to BBC2 last night with a clearly revamped version of 'Wimbledon 2Day
News that the BBC has succumbed to the tireless critics of its Wimbledon highlights coverage in ‘Wimbledon 2Day’ brings to
Clare Balding will be replacing John Inverdale as the BBC’s Wimbledon presenter. SEE MORE: Clare Balding Reveals She's Finally
Clare Balding has revealed that she and partner Alice Arnold have returned to the same venue in Chiswick, West London where
Broadcaster Clare Balding has told how she cried herself to sleep at the loss of her horse trainer uncle Toby Balding, who