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The most illuminating issue to have emerged from the recent News International scandal is just how do we trust and put our faith in Mr Cameron again?
PRESS ASSOCIATION - The Government has been accused in the High Court of acting outside its powers when it introduced controversial
It is 1994. In Rwanda's Gisimba Orphange, 400 people huddle in silence. Terrified children hide in roof spaces and crawl under bunk beds to escape the regular onslaught of attackers. The people are a bribe, desperate plea or second glance away from slaughter.
David Cameron has refused to deny that he discussed News Corp’s BSkyB takeover bid with top executives at News International
CLICK HERE FOR LIVE UPDATES. Prime Minister David Cameron has said that "with 20/20 hindsight" he would not have hired Andy
Neil Wallis is believed to have informally advised Andy Coulson while he was employed by Prime Minister David Cameron. This
I wonder how David Cameron would assess his first year in Government. Not in the sense of a verdict he'd give to the media, but an honest opinion of how he thinks he's doing.
There are many negative feelings one might reasonably have towards Gordon Brown - pity, disappointment or even anger - but hatred? Pure, visceral, unadulterated hatred? I'm not sure where that comes from - but wherever it is, it's a dark and unpleasant place indeed...
It is true to say that the European Union is in one hell of a mess. The credit rating agencies have downgraded Ireland's debts to junk, the Greeks are defaulting, the Italians are in chaos and rumours are abound about the possibility of a massive constitutional change in order to defend its dreams.
The author of Winnie the Pooh, A.A. Milne, once said that 'organising is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up'. This coalition government has demonstrated a boldly pragmatic and non-ideological mindset since taking office. Nevertheless, there is a danger that on planning, the Government is ideologically dismissing an integrated approach in favour of extending responsibility to communities. Localism is great for running a local park, but it cannot provide integrated national solutions to the big environmental challenges facing the UK.