The app claims to show you when you can have sex *without* getting pregnant but there's controversy over its effectiveness.
'I don’t have to worry about remembering my pill or the side effects it has on me.'
The company that makes the pill, Allergan, has recalled the medication.
At the age of 24 I became the statistic that doctors tell you not to worry about. The estimated 12 women in every 10,000 who get a blood clot on the pill per year
Vagina, lady garden, flower... whatever you call it, medical students-turned-authors Ellen Støkken Dahl and Nina Brochmann need you to know some things about female genitals.
Lady garden, fanny, flower –whatever you call yours, medical students and best-selling authors Ellen Støkken Dahl and Nina Brochmann explain what they want you to know.
A concerted effort to change social norms and access to contraception could make a huge difference to how things pan out for humanity over coming decades
In 2004 my life changed forever. I became pregnant with my first child and was over the moon. I had always heard that you