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However, Leeman also offers words of caution: 'It can be difficult to do surgery on men and you have to be much more careful. The effects can be much more pronounced and the resulting effect can feminise a man's looks if it is too extreme.'
Nine out of ten aesthetic treatments in the UK are non-surgical, with Botox and filler injections becoming increasingly popular, especially among women in their late 20s and early 30s. 
Let’s be fair, post-surgery clothing has long been associated with the old-fashioned, but things are looking up as its shaken
Interest in 'labiaplasty' has never been greater here in the UK, as more and more women seek out the most personal of all aesthetic treatments.
'This can only be a good thing.'
The number of Britons having cosmetic surgery has dropped to the lowest it’s been in a decade, figures show.  Data from the
Please note: This article contains images of a medical nature that some may consider graphic. A woman is warning others about
'Who wants to be human anyway?'