In July 2017, the England women’s cricket team won the World Cup for the fourth time since 1973. Cricketer Danni Hazell, who
Until last week, Toby Roland-Jones looked a pretty safe bet to be on the plane to Australia for that most celebrated of cricket competitions, the Ashes. Opportunities to participate in the oldest rivalry in cricket are rare and, for those chosen, a childhood dream is realised. For the Middlesex paceman however, that opportunity looks like it has been snatched away by the cruel ghost that haunts fast bowlers everywhere, stress fractures of the lower back.
An interesting footnote to the Jimmy Anderson's story is that my abiding memory of him (apart from some rather bizarre haircuts!) is not of him bowling but him crying! Having just been dismissed late in the day in a test to hand a victory to Sri Lanka, he fronted up at the presentation only to promptly burst into tears. It brought home to the viewing public how much playing for England meant to him.
A 35-year-old man has been arrested after a crossbow bolt was fired on to the pitch at the Oval cricket ground. Play was
Fancy dress aside, as a day/night spectacle it was a cool, vibrant mix of watching a great sport under the delicious glow of floodlights. We didn't quite see a full day's play as is the continuing downward spiral of the current West Indies team. It was over just as the congas were beginning, the floodlights were at full pelt and Trump had addressed the crowd.
It is challenging to pinpoint exactly when circumstances started to change but the advent of limited overs internationals in the 1970s and the T20 format in the 2000s inevitably changed the status quo.
The huge global events that are so irresistible can't exist without international bodies that can bring together all parties to bring out the best in the game. If we lose faith, we risk losing these bodies, and the value they bring to our sport. So for the sake of sport's future, we must remain sceptical, remain inquisitive, but not lose our hope, not give in to cynicism. Sometimes having faith is more important than having doubt.