David Baddiel

Posts were made from an account under the grime star's real name, Richard Kylea Cowie.
'So many jokes so many sneers, all those ‘well done girls’ wear you down through the years.'
Campaigners want 'American Idiot' to hit number one as the US president arrives in the UK.
The meme is like a balloon, growing bigger and bigger until eventually it bursts to the past tense
My father has always been a sweary, impatient, irritated, lazy bloke. His loss of memory hasn't in fact lost who he is, like dementia can sometimes do. It's the opposite: it's turned the volume up on who he is - when the disease first took hold of him, he became like a Spitting Image puppet of himself.
There’s already been talk of bringing back ‘Men Behaving Badly’, and now the nostalgia for millenial lad culture continues