Remeber Siku? He's the adorable polar bear cub who was born at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park (SWP) in Denmark back in November
Princess Mary of Denmark shared an awkward moment with the 'first man' of Finland, Pentti Arajarvi, when she appeared to
You know Borgen has broken into the mainstream when David Cameron's comments about bank bonuses and female quotas in boardrooms
We are told that this has all been done for the benefit of the UK, and to stop us falling into further debt, while the rest of Europe just looks at us as though we are that awkward woman that no matter how many drinks you've bought and compliments you give her, still thinks you don't like her. Sigh.
Imagine the scenario. It's the eve of a general election. Public satisfaction with the major parties of right and left is at an all-time low. In a televised debate the leader of a small, centrist party gives a stirring performance, surges ahead in the polls and wins the election, becoming prime minister of a multi-party coalition government.
As of today the UK is now over £1 trillion pounds in debt. Wahey right? Woo look at us finally hitting the big 18 zeros mark
Polar bear cub "Siku" was born only a month ago but has had to be taken into care at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park in Denmark
The panic behaviour of the German Chancellor and French president, makes it plain to see that both countries are using the economic difficulties of other Eurozone countries and the restructuring of Europe, as a smoke-screen to hide their own systemic economic and social failures.
A polar bear cub got the telling off a lifetime from his screaming mum at a zoo in Denmark. Christmas is a stressful enough
The Duchess of Cambridge donned a red coat as she joined her husband Prince William on a visit to a Unicef facility in Denmark