"You may never see anything like it again," an announcer said.
The authorities say diving is 'no problem.'
The moment is perhaps proof of whale's intuitive nature to protect other species of animal - including humans.
When I heard Trump won the election, I did the only sensible thing I could think of. I picked a destination as far away from anywhere as I could find, which happened to be a far away island in Indonesia called Raja Ampat West Papua.
A Canadian diver searching for sea cucumbers may have stumbled upon a nuclear bomb lost by the US military during the Cold
Returning to land after such an incredible adventure was made easier by the fact that we were returning to The Phoenix. The enormous suites provide you with the space and amenities to completely relax, and the Happy Hour at the bar brings guests together to exchange stories of their 'UnBelizeable' adventures.
It's at least 12 metres deeper than the previous record holder.
A celebrated Polish diver has discovered the world’s deepest underwater cave, a flooded limestone chasm in the Czech Republic