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A “transformational” new test for detecting Down’s syndrome in unborn children has been found to be far more accurate and
'The impact of including mixed abilities in advertising could be huge.'
An 11-year-old boy with Down’s syndrome landed his first official modelling job as part of River Island’s latest children’s
everybody banner It's my firm belief that celebrating and promoting those identified as having learning disabilities impacts positively on society as a whole. It's about celebrating difference and the many different ways of being successful and valuable.
Ashley Schaus and her sister Hannah are inseparable, so when Ashley started dating Will Seaton in 2010, she told him her
A mum was overwhelmed with joy when her son with Down’s syndrome captured a photo of his “guardian angel” while on a flight
Will he be isolated, with no friends because he can't talk to them the way they talk to each other? Will his needs be overlooked when he is in the care of others because they can't understand what he is trying to say through signing? How will he find his place in the world and will his voice ever really be heard and valued?
A man with Down’s syndrome has melted hearts around the world by proposing to his girlfriend on ITV’s ‘This Morning’.  Niki
Things have improved and I've been lucky enough to be involved in some big steps forward. I was the first actor with a learning disability to play a character without a disability on stage, a big moment for the learning disability community of actors. It's these opportunities that keeps me going.
Being with Glenn means that he loves me for me - he knows I have a learning disability but he doesn't care, he sees past it. It makes me feel safe, he's caring, he understands me, if I have a problem we discuss it. When we go out, he's always holding my hand, that's what I really like about him.
Madeline Stuart launched her first ever clothing line at New York Fashion Week on Sunday 12 February. The 20-year-old model
The photograph of the pair has even inspired a piece of artwork by Twitter user @RadioActiveAcid. Read more on The Huffington
A toddler with Down’s syndrome has been featured in a Christmas advert, after he was initially rejected by a modelling agency