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MPs have called for a change in the law to prevent companies exploiting workers. The work and pensions and business, energy
The company is continuing to drive itself down a cul-de-sac. It's about time it got it's bearings and focused it's efforts on obeying the rules, changing its ways, and really making things right for drivers and the public.
A visit to an 'Amazon town' reveals more Prime than pride.
Amazon confirms plans to halve bus fare after HuffPost UK report.
Workers camping in tents, onerous conditions, and alleged ‘exploitation’ by its partners, internet giant Amazon has battled
Workers at one of Amazon’s “flagship” warehouses are taking home less than the minimum wage after being effectively forced
Mum-of-one Stephanie Velinor works to support her five-year-old son. She never thought she’d make history this week by becoming
'This is so important for parents going through the most terrible of times.'