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Theresa May faces one of her biggest tests so far.
Parliament’s scepticism around the powers in the Bill are understandable - but today's amendments pose a real risk to our entire domestic legislative programme for Brexit
Plan is to overturn 15 Lords defeats in 12 hours
They also want a referendum on the final deal.
Dorries’ comments took a life of their own on social media, with many responding to her tirade with the favoured Brexiteers
MPs say paid holiday and equal pay will be under
Labour will attempt to force through a new amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill in a bid to protect workers’ rights after
Even current Brexit minister Steve Baker, a long-standing campaigner for Leave who had been making the Government’s case
Tory veteran Ken Clarke was applauded by Labour MPs after making an impassioned Commons speech on Brexit. During the first
The Bill as it stands, unamended, would take that sovereignty away and put it in the hands of the Government. This is not what Brexit was supposed to be about. Hardline Brexiters should then be reminded that putting the power to make rules, regulations and laws in the way that the so-called 'Henry VIII' powers under Clause 7 of the Bill do may be 'OK' in the hands of Theresa May's government.
Theresa May seeks to head off Brexiteer rebellion.
The EU Withdrawal Bill will be amended to make sure the official date of Brexit is set in stone, the government has announced
I voted in the early hours of this morning for a Bill that we had before us which was to implement the result of the EU referendum. I did so because the majority of my constituents voted in the referendum to leave the EU. I did so also because a majority of the country voted to leave the EU. There is a real issue in the Bill of a possible power grab by the Government. All of our natural sentiments are right in being suspicious as to what the Government is up to. But this was not a good enough reason to be voting against the whole Bill.
Labour's new, softer stance on BREXIT, announced with a new found desire to remain within the EU's Single Market and an intention to vote down the EU Withdrawal Bill, is not a policy platform designed to get the best for the UK. Instead, Labour are playing dangerous party political games with BREXIT and have been doing so since before the referendum.
Those capital letters are important - PM's spokesman
Brexit will not be formally triggered until the end of the month, Downing Street has revealed. With the EU (Notification