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The seven-time Formula One world champion suffered a near-fatal brain injury in a 2013 skiing accident in the French Alps.
At least 26 weather-related deaths have been reported in parts of Europe this month.
Victim understood to be 34-year-old Marc Sutton.
'They fell several hundred metres to their deaths.'
Investigators have admitted they still have no idea why a British engineer and his family came to be gunned down during a
At least four people have been killed and five others are missing following an avalanche in the French Alps on Monday. Emergency
But the man's father believes he fell ill due to health conditions and altitude.
An Oxford student found dead at the start of a university skiing trip in the French Alps could have been killed by a combination
The reason we took on Mont Blanc, was to show that ordinary people can go and take on these challenges. We could have easily come back down and said it was easy, a walk in the park. But what is the point of that?
Tributes have been paid to a caring mother and dedicated volunteer who died on a ski slope in the French Alps. Anne Clayton
A French official says that some high school students swept away by a deadly avalanche in the Alps may have skied ahead of
At least three people have died, including two students, after an avalanche struck a school group of 19 in the French Alps
The Germanwings co-pilot thought to have deliberately caused the French Alps plane disaster "rehearsed" his plan on an earlier
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The Alps in winter are not just for skiing but also for hiking but you need special gear for glaciers and also great courage.
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