Fuel crisis

The governing Zanu-PF, however, has dismissed claims Zimbabwe may be on the verge of another deep economic crisis as "fake news".
One thing is for sure: any plan based on restricting access to cheap fuel is doomed to fail from the start, so we have no other choice but to address the problem and create long-term, sustainable solutions.
Fuel supplies at Manchester Airport have returned to normal, airport bosses confirmed on Thursday. Production problems at
The government has been spinning out of control in a 'petrol panic', not least because it's ignoring social psychological research, which now mathematically models and predicts what drives rumour and panic.
This week, hundreds of the globe's greatest brains descended on Oxford for the Skoll World Forum, which annually celebrates social entrepreneurship, and this year set out to discuss how we can seize momentum to drive change. As I mingled with other attendees over drinks in the Ashmolean museum, I was asked repeatedly by non-Brits, "what's the big news in the UK right now?". I found myself, much to my embarrassment and their hilarity, attempting to explain what a pasty is, and why the entire country is talking about them, and then why our newspapers are covered in photos of queues of cars outside Esso garages.
I have killed a man. I am not proud of this fact. But I had no choice. He looked at my jerry can.
As a nation, we appear to have gone in to meltdown over an impending fuel shortage, which doesn't - as I write - actually exist. Petrol is still in plentiful supply, with the only backlog that actually exists having been created by an inept government and panic buying motorists as retailers have a bumper week.
A woman was badly burned when petrol ignited as she transferred it between containers in her kitchen, a fire service said
Ministers will discuss emergency plans to deal with a tanker driver strike with haulier bosses today amid continued panic
We've got a senior government minister suggesting Britons turn their homes into potential deathtraps; we've got police being called in to break up fights in long queues at petrol stations. You might think Britain has a problem. And you'd be right.