Money might not grow on trees, but rings do appear to be growing on carrots. An 84-year-old has been left elated after her
You don’t need acres of wildflower meadows to attract wildlife. A small backyard, miniature garden or even balcony can become
I'm heading into a new era of cool. Hygge and wholesomeness. Nature and nirvana. Slippers and... nah, I don't need to dress it up. I don't need to be 'on trend' or part of a Danish movement. Cos I don't really care any more. Who's joining me for a cuppa and a bourb
In the short time I have been growing my own fruit and veg slugs and snails have become my enemy number one, causing destruction that has cost me several kilos of fruit and veg. I have been fighting a running battle with them and so far this year my losses are much smaller. Here are my top tips for beating slugs:
No matter how green fingered you are, no gardener enjoys the tedious (and never-ending) battle against weeds. Not to mention
The truth is, we won't necessarily know when something's gone from manageable to not. We're not doctors, we're not impartial, we're stuck in the middle of it all... and life is messy, sometimes overwhelming and more times sadly underwhelming. And that's just on an average Tuesday.