Gay News

Jessie J has revealed that she thinks her bisexuality was “a phase”, adding that she hopes to marry a man and have children
A regional newspaper editor has revealed he lost “thousands” of sales after featuring two gay men kissing after tying the
This has to be the most epic photobomb we’ve ever seen: One same-sex marriage protester peeping over the top of his placard
The CEO of Mozilla, which makes the popular browser Firefox, has been forced to resign over his opposition to gay marriage
Tom Daley has revealed he's happy to call himself "a gay man now", five months after coming out as being involved in a relationship
Sandi Toksvig has spoken about gay marriage, which was legalised in England and Wales this weekend. Speaking on 'This Morning
Dating website OKCupid is attempting to steer its users away from using Mozilla Firefox over a gay rights issue. Visitors
Sir Elton John is to marry his long-time partner David Furnish this May, it has been announced. The couple have been in a
Miranda Kerr has revealed she is keen to explore her bisexuality following her split from husband Orlando Bloom. The couple
Homophobia in Poland is another major reason of Polish immigration to the UK. Who would have thought? In fact, gay Poles decide to book a one-way flight ticket to London to escape discrimination.
My name is Jayden Ray Billington, up until 24 February 2014, I was known as Charlea Louise Billington, a daughter to my mother and father and a sister to my two siblings. I decided after a nearly 24 year battle that it was time to come out and openly be who I am.
THANK YOU for pointing out Frozen's repressed lesbian allegory, because now my family and I can re-watch the award-winning film, and the many that came before it and consume them all from an enlightened fresh perspective. We can now enjoy Disney the gay way.
When I was coming to terms with my sexuality, trying to work out whether I was solely attracted to one gender over the other was an ongoing battle raging in my head. Much of the time I would reassure myself that such feelings towards males would simply pass and that opting to identify as heterosexual was the easy solution to this problem.
A Kenyan MP has compared homosexuality to terrorism and demanded it be tackled with the same vigour. But Aden Duale, who
Cameron Diaz has dropped a bit of a bombshell, revealing that she has had the hots for other women. The ‘There’s Something
From midnight tonight, gay Christians can get married in the UK in a landmark move that will see thousands of ceremonies
Rejoice! The ban on same-sex marriage in England and Wales is being finally lifted after a campaign for its repeal that lasted 43 years. The ban was imposed for the first time in 1971. Previously, there was no legal prohibition on lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) couples getting married. The outlawing of same-sex marriage is a recent and historically brief invention by what was a deeply homophobic political and religious establishment. At last, in the first few seconds of 29 March, the ban on same-sex marriage is history. Equal marriage will become a reality. Hurrah!
The next generation of Church of England clergy will accept gay relationships and equal marriage, and may even seek a reversal
The rainbow flag will be flown over Whitehall this weekend to mark the country's first same-sex marriage ceremonies, Nick
For many who have been fighting the good fight around gay and lesbian marriage legislation, this Saturday is a long-awaited