Gaza Strip

The Charity Commission said Viva Palestina's charitable funds donated by the public were "put at risk".
'We cannot allow Gaza to burn while Hamas plays the fiddle.'
Just picture the scene - Kensington Palace officials and British diplomats excitedly recce the itinerary for the Duke of
Hamas, the Islamic government and terror group, rules the Gaza Strip with an iron fist without regard for human or civil rights, says Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs project director.
The time for symbolic condemnation is over. The ICC must take action, and the international community must act concretely – Amnesty International director.
UK calls for independent investigation.
The lack of agreement means that everyone loses. Insufficient energy has contributed to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, Israel continues to face the threats from an unstable situation and criticism for its policy towards Gaza, the PNA does not have the revenue stream and BG was left with a stranded asset.
In the summer of 2014, all eyes fell on the tragic events of the 51-day war in Gaza, infamously known as Operation Protective Edge. The harrowing stories of death, loss and destruction, sparked a monumental show of solidarity across Britain, with many calling for an end to the killing of innocent children and civilians, and demanded a long lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestine conflict.