What is a recession and how long will it last? Here's a brutal guide following news that the UK economy suffered its biggest slump since records began.
'This won’t just make things better for a few isolated players in the local tech sector, but for South Africa as a whole.'
Male 'economic' production, philosopher Silvia Federici argued, was impossible without women’s uncompensated 'non-economic' labour.
"In a time when good news seems hard to come by, the latest gross domestic product (GDP) results provide some cautious cheer."
Looking at the UK economy it is probably fair to say that we live in an age of narrow margins. Yesterday, GDP figures from
This is why I believe that, before long, the British public will see that the Brexit "Emperor" has no clothes. It would be better for our country, our economy, our businesses and our citizens if Brexit were not to take place.
However, higher interest rates would help to decrease inflation with consumers tending to save more and for demand to fall. An interest rate increase is essential, but the current rate of 0.25% is necessary for economic growth to occur due to Brexit uncertainties, so the Monetary Policy Committee's decision is justified- for now.
"Ongoing corruption and a sense of instability have reversed the gains."
Global IT decision makers must now focus on using IT automation in new ways to achieve business objectives. Without doing so, companies will not be able to overcome the budget, skills and time constraint challenges that plague businesses every day.