Gwyneth Paltrow

"This settles it. I’m getting the Gwyneth Paltrow anus candle instead."
This week in entertainment, three of the ladies of Sex ad the City are set to to return for a ten-part follow up series on HBO Max, Little Mix score the first number one of the new year, Martine McCutcheon wins for cutest Instagram moment of the year, Gwyneth Paltrow makes it clear she doesn’t want to act anymore and a Corrie star finds a snake in their home.
The Oscar-winner stepped away from Hollywood in 2007 to launch her Goop lifestyle brand.
The Hillbilly Elegy star and seven-time Oscar nominee dissed Gwyneth's Academy Award for Shakespeare in Love.
Gwyneth's fellow actor Kate Hudson has also revealed the leading man she won't be in any hurry to lock lips with again.
The Oscar-winning star saw in her 48th birthday with an impromptu outdoor nude photo-shoot.
Even the most amicable exes encounter a few bumps in the road.