The police watchdog will probe two recently elected Police and Crime Commissioners, after they allegedly lied about where
Noah says that he can't import the bikes fast enough - they pretty much ride themselves back out of the door. However, they're not the first mamacharis on London's streets. Over in Shoreditch, Neil Davis has been making a solid success of Tokyo Bike for a couple of years.
The body of a reclusive woman was eaten by her cats after it lay undiscovered in her home for several weeks, an inquest has
A great-grandmother has been left red-faced after she had a driveway laid just days after council contractors put a lamp
A teenager walked into woods and hanged himself despite being an accomplished A-level student, much loved by his family and
A £5,000 reward is being offered in a bid to find an armed robber who has kidnapped two people. There have been two incidents
Police have appealed to a suspected armed robber to give himself up after a woman was kidnapped for a time and driven around
Airports have been forced to cancel dozens of flights as ice and thick fog descended on the UK overnight. Heathrow Airport
Inquests will resume today into the deaths of two children killed by their IRA bomb survivor father who was found dead next
"My angels are in heaven now" Grahame Short, coroner for central Hampshire, heard evidence confirming the identities of the
Two children killed by their IRA bomb survivor father suffered multiple stab wounds, according to police. The bodies of Michael
A navy Saab 900 SE car being taken away from the scene where the man and two children were found dead Detective Superintendent
A 17-year-old schoolgirl at a top public school has collapsed and died. The teenager was a boarder at St Swithun's School
Night times have become a chore.
A woman had to be rescued from her car after she became stuck in floodwater thorough following directions on her satnav. The
A fox that was trapped between the brick walls of two garages was released after being stuck for nearly two days. The male
In 1944, when he wasn't messing about with cats in boxes, the philosopher Erwin Schroedinger wrote a book asking the eternal question: What is Life? I find in my advancing years that life is far too short to read what he might have said, but I doubt it had anything to do with Association Football, which is where he went wrong.
A man killed when his car was swept away crossing a flooded ford has been named by police. Jonathan Gammon, 52, from Kingston
A man and his dog were both killed on Monday after a car became completely submerged in "5ft of fast-flowing water" as he
A 21-gun salute was fired by the Royal Navy today to mark the Queen's 86th birthday. The saluting gun at Fort Blockhouse