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Every year, loving Spanish pet owners bring their dogs, cats and even hamsters to Saint Anton’s church to receive a blessing. The patron saint of animals, the blessing at Saint Antony’s is supposed to bring health and protection for the coming year The furry followers receive the blessing of holy water from a priest and are invited to mass.
“Our country’s wildlife is no match for these dogs once they’re set upon," the RSPCA has warned.
"The footage has to be seen to be believed, it’s just awful."
Christmas is usually a time of sheer indulgence for us humans – but festive food can be dangerous in the wrong paws
I am a realist and know that it is inevitable that most if not all owners will give extra food whatever I say about the risks. But, if you plan carefully, you can still do that without the associated weight gain
High street vs online, cheap vs quality – how can we shop with a clear conscience?
This will be the fifth Christmas Day that Angela Cox has spent with rescue animals, the ritual has become a major part of her life. The Battersea volunteer is a 'dog socialiser' – a hands-on role that involves taking the dogs for walks and carrying out ‘kennel sessions’ where she teaches them things like how to sit, give paw and not jump up at people. This all helps in making them as ready as possible for their future homes.
Retailers tell you to buy, buy, buy, and do it now – but is Black Friday all it’s cracked up to be?
The Mega Millions lottery jackpot in the US is sitting at a record $1.6 billion (£1.2 billion). People from all over the country are rushing to buy tickets to have their chance at winning the riches, with some already planning on how they'd spend their money.