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The former Tory leader has already had his office spray painted with graffiti claiming 'Tory cuts kill'.
Former Tory leader and his Labour rival criticise “democracy-hating thugs”.
Labour's Faiza Shaheen is challenging ex-Tory leader in Chingford.
Owen Paterson calls customs plan "absurd" but Steve Baker asks MPs to trust Johnson to deliver Brexit.
Labour leader to say controversial benefit reform has been "unmitigated disaster" that must be replaced.
Analysis of new mega-poll concludes just 35 seats across nation have more people who think no-deal would leave their family better off than those who think it will harm them.
PM gearing up for ‘Spartans’ reaction after telling EU leaders he will accept withdrawal agreement if Irish backstop resolved.
Centre for Social Justice calls for hike to boost economy and help older workers.
The Bank of England governor also hit back at suggestions he is peddling 'Project Fear'.