Ian H Watkins

"Pride transcends borders and transcends communities... it gives people hope."
The Steps singer has made TV history with skating partner Matt Evers.
The Dancing on Ice star talks wellbeing, life as a single dad and mental resilience in the face of homophobia.
The Steps singer made TV history when he performed the first same-sex skate on the ITV show with his professional parter Matt Evers.
He's currently partnered with Steps' singer Ian "H" Watkins on the ITV skating show.
The Steps singer and professional skater Matt Evers made their debut on the ice in this year's Christmas special.
No offence, but in these days of Ed Sheeran dominating the chart and Adele selling out stadiums across the land, we’ve been
The video features the animated story of the couple's relationship milestones, including buying a house and going on holiday