Immigration detention

At least one immigration removal centre has already seen an outbreak of coronavirus, while detainees are left in limbo.
Centres holding unaccompanied children are a darker, more secretive corner of our immigration detention system, Matthew Leidecker writes.
Donald Trump boasted on Sunday that border officials were doing a “fantastic job” housing immigrant children.
Detention is terrifying and stressful, but when I got out I felt a quite physical guilt at the people I was leaving behind
My mum and I are working for freedom from these walls to live a normal life and be with our friends again
There are cheaper, more effective and more humane alternatives available
The consequences of this chaos are already grave - real people’s lives are being affected
Of the women we spoke to, 85% were survivors of gender-based violence. Yet they had been detained since the new policy has been in force, and they were not released even when they told the Home Office about their prior experiences.
Many of our clients watched the Panorama exposé whilst in detention. One, Vitor Cassombe, a Portuguese national, was detained at Brook House until the day the documentary was aired.
Immigration detention and the abuses related to it get far less attention than they should. This is largely because it concerns immigrants and, in the current toxic state of the debate around immigration, it is hard to excite public and media concern. That makes it even more praiseworthy that the BBC devoted a whole Panorama programme to the shocking and brutal conditions in Brook House detention centre.