internet safety

Charity Barnardo's said children are coming across sexual behaviour online in games and porn.
'When I asked who that was, she just replied, "That’s my friend, Daddy".'
Nearly a quarter (24%) of 10 to 16 year-olds regret, or have a friend who regrets, posting live videos on apps such as Snapchat, Instagram Stories and Facebook Live, a study has revealed.
Children are at risk of ‘live grooming’ on online platforms.
"It’s the most adorably nerdy solution."
The Internet Safety Strategy has a varied response to our ever-changing digital world and it has made good headway in tackling risks that emerged of the quick-changing and ever-expanding digital world.
These proposals are a necessary step in the increasing battle we face in keeping safe online. It is inevitable that we are going to need measures in place to ensure wellbeing online is protected, especially of children.
Recent tensions between the US and North Korea and the potential threat of a nuclear war is often spoken about between children. Kids are obviously picking this up at home, overhearing conversations etc or the news itself and therefore think what that news means to them personally.
Children love the internet and value the opportunities it gives them for fun, self-expression, communication and autonomy, but their enjoyment can be overshadowed by negative experiences. Children themselves are calling for the right to be free to explore their online spaces without fear of intimidation.